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buttons made Easter bunny – DIY door hanger

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

Easter fun is still on! Crafting with jeddo (grandfather) Maurice! A bunny made with colorful buttons to decorate the front door. We are enjoying every minute with my parents.

Very easy DIY door hanger for easter. All you need is a bunny cut out and buttons. Click here to download a high resolution file.



All you need to do is to fill the bunny tummy with buttons of different sizes and colors. Stick two eyes and a ribbon behind the ears for hanging.

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

Isn’t it attractive? Nady was fascinated with the colors. I love Easter, a happy and colorful holiday always coinciding with the spring season.

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

If your baby is still discovering with his mouth, avoid small buttons. Nady tasted all of them 🙂

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hangerIt’s a fun way to teach the colors to your kid.

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hangerGuess who was more happy?!

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

The door hanger is ready! Easter decoration is almost done, we still have to decorate the eggs on saturday. Don’t miss this year’s special eggs. Wait for the post 🙂

spring/easter crafting – wooden spoon puppet – DIY – step by step

aspring/easter crafts - wooden spoon puppet

Wooden spoons are not just for mommy to use in the kitchen, kids can create cute characters such as Easter rabbit or chick and spring lady bug to go with the flowers we crafted before.

A very easy bricolage and a lot of fun. If your kid is under 3 years, paint the spoons yourself and let it dry before starting to play together. I recommend acrylic paint but don’t mix it with water for more vibrant colors.

Small details to stick with your kids such as pompom, wiggling eyes, feather…. are more instructional then you think. Learning the shapes, names, colors and you can extend the fun by telling stories about Easter and spring.

Lady bug:

lady bug


Nady was so much interested and fascinated with the lady bug antennas.

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters


Adjusting the comb


… and the beak


chick 3Eh voila chick (le poussin)!


N and rabbit Fixing the ears and nose

rabbitThe three all together! they look so cute

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters

After playing with the spoons puppet, it’s time to add them to our precious flower vase.

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters

It was such a joy for him. He kept playing and contemplating their fascinating colors for an hour

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon charactersWe love the spring season and can’t wait for Easter!

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters


how to make elegant easter eggs- step by step

elegant eggs

For elegant yet simple Easter eggs, it’s a must to use gold or silver color and it’s the material that will make it look fancy.

I chose to dye the eggs with acrylic gold paint using my hand to make it look like patina effect.

colouring gold

all gold

Give it some time to dry before applying the paillette line. Fix it with glue for safe results, I used super glue.

paillette line

paillette 2

all apillette

The richness, neatness and somptuous elegance will mark you Easter!