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Solve the riddle to find the egg surprise – Easter kids activity

riddles cardsIt’s very important for your kid to have interest in the play to enjoy it. This game was inspired by my son, seeing him Lately enjoying hide and seek game, and leaning toward riddles.

Since we’re preparing for Easter season i thought of doing an “egg surprise” hunt (stretched over 10 days for more fun). Everyday i hide one egg surprise and i give him directions in the form of riddles.

surprise egg hunt 1

Putting everything he likes in one game was absolutely the ultimum!

Riddles are fun and challenging, they have been shown to improve children’s comprehension and creativity, by working their brains.  At 2 years, riddles are very simple, the aim is to have fun and not break their heads, but if your children are older and can read than you can make the challenge harder, in this case riddles increase reading comprehension and strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills.

surprise egg hunt 2

The written riddles was read by his father. They were both playing, since Antoun is a big fan of such games as well. For french version click on french riddle cards to download a high resolution file if you’re willing to play this game and for english one click on english riddle cards.

Such a fun and highly beneficial game, excellent to set Easter mood and bond with your kid.

surprise egg hunt 3

If you try it with your children, expect to see proud and victorious faces especially when they found the egg! it’s priceless!

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spring/easter crafting – wooden spoon puppet – DIY – step by step

aspring/easter crafts - wooden spoon puppet

Wooden spoons are not just for mommy to use in the kitchen, kids can create cute characters such as Easter rabbit or chick and spring lady bug to go with the flowers we crafted before.

A very easy bricolage and a lot of fun. If your kid is under 3 years, paint the spoons yourself and let it dry before starting to play together. I recommend acrylic paint but don’t mix it with water for more vibrant colors.

Small details to stick with your kids such as pompom, wiggling eyes, feather…. are more instructional then you think. Learning the shapes, names, colors and you can extend the fun by telling stories about Easter and spring.

Lady bug:

lady bug


Nady was so much interested and fascinated with the lady bug antennas.

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters


Adjusting the comb


… and the beak


chick 3Eh voila chick (le poussin)!


N and rabbit Fixing the ears and nose

rabbitThe three all together! they look so cute

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters

After playing with the spoons puppet, it’s time to add them to our precious flower vase.

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters

It was such a joy for him. He kept playing and contemplating their fascinating colors for an hour

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon charactersWe love the spring season and can’t wait for Easter!

easter/spring craft -wooden spoon characters