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DIY fridge magnet for a birthday daily note surprise

fridge magnet DIYAntoun’s Bday is in less than a week! Nady’s is so excited about it, especially he loves birthdays and singing “to you” (happy birthday to you). We decided to make for him a daily small drawing with a cute message till the big day comes (tuesday, october 7). Happiness and love are in small details, and it’s so important to teach your kids how small gestures can bring happiness to someone and show care and love. Our motto is “we don’t do big things, we do small things with big love”- mother teresa

To post them, there was no better than the fridge to serve us as a message board, therefore we needed magnets. It was so quick and super easy to craft them, we just glued small magnets on colored buttons and that’s it! I told you it’s super easy 🙂

fridge magnet DIYNady took care of the drawing part and i did the writings. It was so fun thinking that Antoun will love it and wait for his daily dose of love from us!

fridge magnet DIYThat was our first note on the fridge. Aren’t these buttons so cute?! But nady didn’t like the fridge so plain, he wanted to draw on it as well. Why not?! this is a cool idea, now the fridge is a mini gallery! With beeswax crayons (safe and so easy to clean) he did a really good work and concretized his dream of drawing everywhere with no restrictions… Everything is permitted, it’s “papa to you” (daddy’s bday) surprise.

fridge magnet DIYYesterday we posted our second note with more drawings! Now I am sure Antoun is waiting impatiently for his daily note!

fridge magnet DIYToday we posted our third note. Antoun didn’t see it yet, he will now as he is reading the post.

fridge magnet DIY

There will be 4 more notes until the birthday. It’s an ongoing post, come back everyday to check the new images updated for the daily notes. See how the fridge will look on the day of Antoun’s birthday 🙂

As promised this is today’s fourth note.

fridge magnet DIYand today’s fifth note is:

fridge magnet DIYThe sixth note, the one before the last! yessss papa to you is so soon 🙂

fridge magnet DIYAnd here is the final note before papa’s bday!

fridge magnet DIYHappy birthday Antoun ❤

fridge magnet DIY

buttons made Easter bunny – DIY door hanger

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

Easter fun is still on! Crafting with jeddo (grandfather) Maurice! A bunny made with colorful buttons to decorate the front door. We are enjoying every minute with my parents.

Very easy DIY door hanger for easter. All you need is a bunny cut out and buttons. Click here to download a high resolution file.



All you need to do is to fill the bunny tummy with buttons of different sizes and colors. Stick two eyes and a ribbon behind the ears for hanging.

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

Isn’t it attractive? Nady was fascinated with the colors. I love Easter, a happy and colorful holiday always coinciding with the spring season.

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

If your baby is still discovering with his mouth, avoid small buttons. Nady tasted all of them 🙂

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hangerIt’s a fun way to teach the colors to your kid.

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hangerGuess who was more happy?!

buttons bunny - DIY easter door hanger

The door hanger is ready! Easter decoration is almost done, we still have to decorate the eggs on saturday. Don’t miss this year’s special eggs. Wait for the post 🙂