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Handprints and footprints for Christmas keepsakes

handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon

Before having kids, Christmas was that glamorous night full of festivities and gifts, delicious food and lots of booze, and back home for the family gathering.

Now, with my boys (nady 5 and joud 2) are here, Christmas is not just that night, it is 24 days and 24 nights to it. Beautiful decorations can’t be those expensive intact objects, they are keepsakes done with tiny hands and big love. Red or green are not just ordinary colors. Santa becomes mom’s best friend and chocolate can replace a meal . . . Yes i turn into an elf to be able to communicate with santa and change the letters (toys) many times!

Christmas is more than just this night or day, it’s the anticipation to it that makes you live the season beaming with excitement and joy.  Against all odds, my Christmas is not a classic one, the star is not anymore on top of the tree, it fell from the summit to spark in their eyes and Jesus left his crib to be born in their heart. My Christmas is THEM!

Christmas Keepsakes, kids will love doing their footprint and handprint as christmas tree, snowman, santa and rudolph.

Very easy and fun project to keep for the life. We spent a joyful time together doing them. Wish you lots of laughters as much and more than we had. And let the magic of the season start!

1-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon2-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon3-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon4-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon

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Blotto painting lion – kids art and craft


A fun and alluring art project for kids. So fascinating that when you open your paper to reveal the lion face, you think it’s a painting that took days and hours to accomplish while it’s just done in 5 easy minutes!

Blotto painting! A surprise painting to discover when the paper is unfold.


Fold a white paper in half, better a thick one, than open it to put drops of paint in the center, using the lion colors, different browns and yellows.

Close it again and rub gently the paper to help spread the paint, in a circular move to obtain a round face, and finally open it to reveal your surprise lion face.


Surprise surprise! what a beautiful lion face, the look of surprise on Nady’s face was priceless! Leave it for several hours to dry completely, better for overnight, not to risk loosing all the arbitrary details you get from the wrinkled paint.

We cut the face to paste it on a frame (white canvas). Then we drew eyes, nose and mouth with a black marker. Lions have always been symbolic of ferocity and strength, so it’s time to make his mane that makes him so wild.

Using yellow paper yarn, cut different lengths to paste all around the face.


Et voila our lion! It’s for a school project, can’t wait to return it home to hang on the wall in Nady’s room where he has his favorite pieces.


It’s a great fun project to fire your kids imagination. All parents should favor the imagination of their children and feed this power. It’s like revealing the natural genius in them. A child with a good imagination is a happy child. He is more alert, presenting ability to cope with life’s changes, and more likely to grow into a secure adult.

For all the people who thinks you should be an artist to craft with your kids, or crafting with your kids will make them grow to be artists, i want to tell you, a creative child, is not necessary growing into an artist adult.

Creative people see things in different ways and find solutions to problems others might miss. Problem solving and innovative thinking begins with the power of imagination. Imagination ignites the forces of creativity in your children.

Last but not least, leaders are creative people!

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Paper roll napkin ring – recycling crafts

paper roll napkin rings - recycling crafts|marmite et ponpon

Recycling mania is still on. Usually we do this type of crafts, but a lot more these days (and it makes more sense for my son) because it falls in parallel with the school activities. They are learning about recycling and its benefits.

Today we are transforming a paper roll into napkin rings to host some friends in the afternoon for play and cake.

Simple, easy, quick and the outcome is beautiful. Follow the step by step tutorial.

Choose any paper pattern, could be simply from an old magazine you have. After all is done, Nady suggested that these napkin rings goes better as bangles for me since i am a girl 🙂 so he suggested to do a girly pattern for next time (not cars) to make bangles for mami!

It’s not just a kid craft. With another type of papers (maybe silver) it could be the napkin rings you use when having people for lunch or dinner.

paper roll napkin rings - recycling crafts| marmite et ponpon

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Fantastick art

sticky artChildren enjoy having a go at arts and crafts activities, especially cutting, gluing and sticking. If your child is not old enough to use scissors and glue, it’s a brilliant activity for collage. All you need to do is tape a clear contact paper with the sticky side up, give him colorful paper cut outs, pompoms, wiggling eyes, feathers…. (anything you find in your creative play box) and watch him making shapes and getting creative. Today Fouad, (Nady’s friend) is participating as well. Hourray amigo!

sticky art

sticky art

This activity is amazing for fine motor skills as for teaching geometric shapes, colors, textures and introducing new words…  It’s important to know that your child’s messy art represents a huge milestone in their physical development. In the space of one year your child has gone from not even knowing they have hands to being able to cut or glue or just stick, it needs enough pressure, and fine motricity skills. That’s incredible!

sticky art

sticky art

As children get older, arts and crafts help them to socialize with others, they get together to play and create. It’s no secret, doing such activities in groups (or at least tow kids) provides a positive outlet for children to share, socialize and express their emotions.

sticky art

it’s an open ended activity, you start by something and ends up by playing other totally different games. For instance, Nady was enjoying the paper rain, (throwing on him the small pieces of colored papers as if it’s rain) and imitating the rain sound!

sticky art

After sticking for long time, the boys got enough (and it’s normal after 2 hours) they switched to basketball, and left behind those two beautiful pieces.

sticky art