Handprints and footprints for Christmas keepsakes

handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon

Before having kids, Christmas was that glamorous night full of festivities and gifts, delicious food and lots of booze, and back home for the family gathering.

Now, with my boys (nady 5 and joud 2) are here, Christmas is not just that night, it is 24 days and 24 nights to it. Beautiful decorations can’t be those expensive intact objects, they are keepsakes done with tiny hands and big love. Red or green are not just ordinary colors. Santa becomes mom’s best friend and chocolate can replace a meal . . . Yes i turn into an elf to be able to communicate with santa and change the letters (toys) many times!

Christmas is more than just this night or day, it’s the anticipation to it that makes you live the season beaming with excitement and joy.  Against all odds, my Christmas is not a classic one, the star is not anymore on top of the tree, it fell from the summit to spark in their eyes and Jesus left his crib to be born in their heart. My Christmas is THEM!

Christmas Keepsakes, kids will love doing their footprint and handprint as christmas tree, snowman, santa and rudolph.

Very easy and fun project to keep for the life. We spent a joyful time together doing them. Wish you lots of laughters as much and more than we had. And let the magic of the season start!

1-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon2-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon3-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon4-handprint and footprint for christmas keepsakes |marmite et ponpon

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