Lace doily Santa claus craft

lace doily santa |marmite et ponpon

8 days until Santa departs. Yeyyyyy!!!

Dear Santa, our lists are ready and sent. Don’t have high expectations on being good all year long (get real!) but we are counting on your generosity.

Like every year we craft our decoration, after the handprint and footprint keepsake we prepared first, here is our lace doily Santa garland. Very easy craft for tiny hands, and the outcome is so beautiful! Garlands are our favorite item in crafts, they add a festive mood to the house.

lace doily Santa Claus |marmite et ponpon

You will need:

  • white lace doily paper medium size
  • white/beige cardboard
  • red cardboard
  • wiggling eyes
  • red pompoms (small) or simply cut small circles out of the red cardboards
  • cotton balls
  • and a black marker to draw moustache and mouth



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