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Paper roll napkin ring – recycling crafts

paper roll napkin rings - recycling crafts|marmite et ponpon

Recycling mania is still on. Usually we do this type of crafts, but a lot more these days (and it makes more sense for my son) because it falls in parallel with the school activities. They are learning about recycling and its benefits.

Today we are transforming a paper roll into napkin rings to host some friends in the afternoon for play and cake.

Simple, easy, quick and the outcome is beautiful. Follow the step by step tutorial.

Choose any paper pattern, could be simply from an old magazine you have. After all is done, Nady suggested that these napkin rings goes better as bangles for me since i am a girl 🙂 so he suggested to do a girly pattern for next time (not cars) to make bangles for mami!

It’s not just a kid craft. With another type of papers (maybe silver) it could be the napkin rings you use when having people for lunch or dinner.

paper roll napkin rings - recycling crafts| marmite et ponpon

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