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Easter and spring crafts for kids- beautiful bunny garland

Two weeks ago we kicked off Easter spirit because we wanted this year decoration to be done by us. Usually this festive season coincides with the spring. Hello to the colorful crafting season!

Crafting should be fun, entertaining and instructive at the same time. My son loves everything hanging and dangling, so we decided to do a colorful bunny garland to decorate his play area.

To start with, you need to cut out bunny shape in different colors. Click on bunny to download a high resolution file of the cut out.

bunny cut out 1

bunny cut out 2

bunny cut out 3

To make the activity more fun, adding pompom tail and eyes to the bunnies was a great idea. This way it is not just learning the colors.

bunny tails 1

Nothing worth the look on your baby’s face when they are excited about something. It’s priceless!

bunny tails 2

bunny tails 3

How soft a bunny tail is!

bunny tail 4Now we need to stick eyes for the bunny to be able to see the carrots. Bunnies love carrots.

bunny eyes 1

Papa is participating as well. I love when we do things as a family.

bunny eyes 2

garland craftingWhen the bunnies are ready, stick them on a thread next to each other to have a beautiful colorful garland.

Isn’t it?

There are plenty of choices for the garland. You can do it with eggs, flowers or chicks….

garland 1



how to dye noodles for rainbow sensory play

rainbow noodles

Cooked noodles are so much fun for a sensory play. Dye them in rainbow colors and let the amusement begin.

Boil the noodles as instructed on the box, better al dente so they are not sticky or coat them with a touch of oil. Divide them into bowls for each color. Mix with the food coloring, (I always recommend the wilton icing gel to save yourself from stains) and let them dry for 15-20 mns. Now they are ready for play!

I wanted this experience to be even more fun, I packed the rainbow noodles in a plastic container and head to Aspire park, one of the beautiful parks in Doha.



For the first 10 minutes, the rainbow remained  intact. He was just contemplating the beautiful rainbow. So we decided to take it out of the container to start playing.

noodle play

noodle play2

nodle play 3

More squeezing and squashing were expected but my boy was a bit repelled since he is not used to touch food with his hands, my mistake for having OCD tendencies 🙂 so i decided to participate in the play to encourage him.

noodles with mommy 1

noodles with mommy 3

We shaped them into balls, his favourite toy!

noodle balls

ball noodles

Happy times with your kids, are unforgettable precious moments!

noodles with mommy 2