Snowman breakfast

snowman.breakfastChristmas fever is spreading throughout our house all times! No doubt, we wake up so excited thinking of Christmas; Nady starts by a “bonjour sapin”(good morning to the Christmas tree), he checks all the decorations especially the ones he participated in doing, then he goes to the advent calendar to check his daily treat. Today i wanted to surprise him with a christmassy breakfast: Snowman on a plate!

snowman breakfast.nadyIt’s so exciting to start the day with this beautiful breakfast, it takes 10 minutes to do this snowman, and it grants a whole day of joy and excitement on your kid’s face. Just priceless!

So easy to do, follow the step by step scheme.

how to do snowman breakfastYou will need: 2 slices of bread, spreading cheese, carrots for the buttons and nose, cucumber for the hat and mouth, olive for the eyes, and lettuce for the scarf.

snowman breakfastAnd to make it more realistic, i added it dots of labneh to create the snow!

snowman-breakfastIf you get the chance to prepare this breakfast with your kids, trust me it will be as fun for you as for them. Enjoy!

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