Personalized Christmas wrapping paper – free printables

personalized christmas wrapping paperMake you very own Christmas wrapping paper, be different and please your family and friends. This year you will not need tags on the gifts, everyone will identify his present by finding his name printed on a unique wrapping paper, designed only for him. Santa won’t get confused!

antoun personalized wrapping paperHow beautiful to feel special, to receive something customized holding your name! The wrapping itself will be as enjoyable as the gift inside.

markus personalized wrapping paperMany of you give a big importance to the wrapping, spend a lot of time and money to offer the best. As I always say, the simplest things are the most striking. I’ve attached to you 3 paper wrap design in pdf format (50x75cm) to print. All you need to do is change the name.

christmas wrapping paper 1

christmas wrapping paper 2

christmas wrapping paper 3

nady personalized wrapping paper

So easy to do and so thoughtful. I wish you a very special Christmas, full of joy and blessings. I hope Marmite et ponpon is succeeding in spreading the joy of the season.

personalized wrapping paper all

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3 responses to “Personalized Christmas wrapping paper – free printables

  1. Eliane J. Antonios

    and call it the north pole hajjour! 😀 😀

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  2. Wow. Original, pretty, playful and fancy!!!!! I wish you could open a Christmas shop.

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