Worth remembering photos this Christmas – free printable props

christmas propsBring some festive cheer and go crazy this Christmas with my photo booth props. What a brilliant idea to liven up the celebrations this holiday and keep memorable Christmas card photo.

Every year I make sure to have the Christmas family picture. This year i created these props having in mind crazy fun pictures with Nady and the grandparents, aunt and uncles! I am sure we will be talking about these pics for the next coming years. These are from the making of, but i promise to update this post with the actual Christmas pictures once it’s over!

christmas props all

I’ve attached the Christmas themed set to share with you, print these pdf files on thick paper (300gsm), cut them out and stick a straw or barbecue skewer on anything you have at home to be able to hold them. I hope you enjoy them!

elf hat 1

elf hat 2

elf hat 3

santa beard and pipe

santa hat

santa beard

reindeer hat

woman festive hat

man festive hat

penguin santa hat


hohoho 2



festive sunglasses 1

festive sunglasses 2

And here is some pics from Christmas eve, as promised. My beautiful family!

all props


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5 responses to “Worth remembering photos this Christmas – free printable props

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  2. salma i think we will love the pics!! it is gonna be fun :)!

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  3. I love this post 🙂

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