Cinnamon and star anise napkin ring

cinnamon&star anise napking ringFor a great rustic table setting and eco chic people. Very simple and elegant, if you are planning to dress up your table in an impressive way, this is a great inspiration. This is how to do:

how to do cinnamon and star anise napkin ringYou need white or beige napkins. green ribbons, cinnamon sticks, star anise and a beige thread to tie them up. It makes the house smell amazing, i was enjoying it while decorating…

cinnamon:star anise napking ringUsing natural elements give you a rural tablescape. You can also replace the green ribbons by rosemary or any green plant of your choice. Can’t beat that for easy and quick! After the napkin folding Christmas tree and origami Santa napkin ring, enjoy this last style am suggesting before Christmas. Choose your favorite and dress up your table accordingly. I wish you an extraordinary “reveillon” full of delicious food, warmth and laughter.

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4 responses to “Cinnamon and star anise napkin ring

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  2. so now the question?! which napkin design we will have on christmas eve?! santa ring? christmas tree? or cinnamon star anise?!!… i dont have a preference!!!

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