Origami Santa napkin ring

origami santa-napkin ringYou already know how fond of origami art i am. Christmas dinner is the perfect  occasion to concretize this passion and create nice ideas for the table settings. After the napkin folding christmas tree here is an idea of how to fold Santa for a napkin ring.

You might think it’s complicated but if you follow step by step the scheme i created for you, you will find it so easy.

how to do santa origamiAll you need is a square paper, one side red and the other white to get this cute Santa. Depending on the thickness of your napkin, cut a rectangular paper to form the ring, attach it to the back of Santa et voila!

origami santa napkin ringAlways add a your personal touch to make things special and memorable. You don’t have to be an artist to impress, beauty is in small details.

I hope you all get an unforgettable Christmas, red in your love, white in your heart and gold in your pocket 😉

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3 responses to “Origami Santa napkin ring

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  2. ehhhh hehe thank you for the appreciation and attention to details mwah


  3. Im sure preparing the scheme all by urself was not as easy as executing it 🙂 ! Thank you for the detailed tutorial, it couldn’t be any clearer than that ❤ ❤

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