Customize your plates with baked sharpie – DIY

sharpie plates

Baked sharpie are permanent! yes they are. I couldn’t believe it until i tried myself.

Write with a sharpie (permanent marker) on a plate that’s oven safe, bake for 30 mns (180°C) and that’s it! Your design is permanent and safe!

sharpie plates

This is how my plates looked before going in the oven.

sharpie plates

In the design stage and before baking, if you made a mistake while writing or you wish to clean off sharpie, just use rubbing alcohol and it’s gone!

After 30 mns baking,  I turned off the oven and kept them to cool. Then I washed them to use. The writing didn’t go off and this is how it looked! Beautiful result.

sharpie plate

Being crazy about personalized items, now i found the way to do it, expect me writing and drawing on all my dinner ware and creating gifts for family and friends with this fun new technique.

baked sharpie

So simple and affordable. Design a unique mug for your husband, or plates for your children… Let this DIY be a token of affection to your loved ones.

sharpie plates

Love my plates! expect to see them more often in the pictures!


7 responses to “Customize your plates with baked sharpie – DIY

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  2. Being an ardent black n white lover (if u hv doubts chk out my blog:D) i plan to update my ceramics with some sharpie projects… thanks for bringing it to my attention again!!


  3. wonderful idea, you are really an artist.


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