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DIY – rusty plane palm sunday candle

rusty plane palm sunday candle|marmite et ponpon

The best thing in customizing your little loves candle, isn’t just to be unique but realizing your kids wish. Almost every kid has a preference and favorite toy character.

Make them happy on this special day, follow this step by step self explanatory tutorial, and don’t forget colors are always subjective, depending on the theme design and outfit they are wearing.

how to do rusty plane palm sunday candle|marmite et ponpon

Always remember, my favorite saying to mother theresa, we don’t do big things, we can do small things with big love.

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rusty plane palm sunday candle|marmite et ponpon

Christmas candle holder -DIY- crafts for tiny hands

christmas candle holder - DIYChristmas decoration fiesta is still going on. My little Lutin is so excited and counting down to the big day D. Meantime we are enjoying crafting some decorations to add our personal touch in every corner in the house.

I really loved working with the baking soda dough that we explored this year. Last week we did the keepsake ornaments and the result was amazing, so we decided to use it again for candle holders. For a reminder to the dough recipe, click here.

christmas candle holder - DIYCut out star shapes and while the dough is still soft, mark the place of the tea candle before baking. When it’s totally dry and cool, hand it to your little helper and watch the lovely golden fingers coloring them. Red, green and golden are the dominant colors in our house for this season.

christmas candle holder - DIYchristmas candle holder - DIYI am amazed how dedicated Nady is. I love Christmas more and more because of his excitement, to the extent i feel like a kid again and i believe in Santa 🙂

After the paint is perfectly dry, place the tea candles. We used vanilla scented ones because we are planning to light them the Christmas eve at the dinner.

christmas candle holder - DIYLike i always say, personalized things are the most meaningful. I am sure these candle holders will remain for many coming christmases.

If you are doing this with your little girls, add glitter on the paint they will love it. Little details make the difference. Always give options to your kids to develop their creativity.

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Customize your plates with baked sharpie – DIY

sharpie plates

Baked sharpie are permanent! yes they are. I couldn’t believe it until i tried myself.

Write with a sharpie (permanent marker) on a plate that’s oven safe, bake for 30 mns (180°C) and that’s it! Your design is permanent and safe!

sharpie plates

This is how my plates looked before going in the oven.

sharpie plates

In the design stage and before baking, if you made a mistake while writing or you wish to clean off sharpie, just use rubbing alcohol and it’s gone!

After 30 mns baking,  I turned off the oven and kept them to cool. Then I washed them to use. The writing didn’t go off and this is how it looked! Beautiful result.

sharpie plate

Being crazy about personalized items, now i found the way to do it, expect me writing and drawing on all my dinner ware and creating gifts for family and friends with this fun new technique.

baked sharpie

So simple and affordable. Design a unique mug for your husband, or plates for your children… Let this DIY be a token of affection to your loved ones.

sharpie plates

Love my plates! expect to see them more often in the pictures!