DIY cheese board – Spruce up your kitchen

DIY - cheese board

Being in a crafty mood nowadays, i am going through my kitchen, trying to throw recycle, create and posh it up. With a simple touch you can add some excitement to your items. You know by now, i am fond of personalized items, i love to give identity to everything in my house, and even to the gifts i offer.

After the sharpie plates DIY , today’s craft is very simple and could be done in couple of hours. it’s often the simplest ideas that are the most striking. Adding some colors and typography to my cheese board, made all the difference!

With non toxic red acrylic , I painted the edge of the cutting board after i wrapped it with a thread to create lines effect. Diluting the acrylic with more water creates a “wash” of paint, and shows the wood grain beneath.

DIY - cheese board

After a lot of reading to see which paint to use for food safe purpose, Acrylic paint was the best. It is a water soluble paint but become water-resistant when dry. It is a fast drying and durable paint, containing pigments suspended in an acrylic (or plastic) binder.  They come in a wide range of vibrant colors, easy to apply and clean up and have no fumes. BUT Not all acrylic paints are non-toxic or food safe. Please read paint labels and look for the “AP Non-toxic” seal. Do NOT use paints without this seal. Some have mercury, arsenic and cadmium in them for pigments and you absolutely do not want these ingredients.

After a couple of hours, the paint is dry. I traced the word “cheese” and filled it with dark brown acrylic color.

DIY - cheese board

And here is my new adorable cheese board!

DIY - cheese board

With a little creativity and a couple of hours, you can personalize your things at home and be unique. I am planning to use it for the first time in a romantic cheese and wine with my hubby! Time flies, enjoy every second of it.

DIY - cheese board



6 responses to “DIY cheese board – Spruce up your kitchen

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  3. your hubby is a lucky one 🙂 he will be eagerly waiting for the first use of this lovely plate :)!!


  4. Very orginal and unusual idea!
    I like it so much.
    Best wishes,


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