DIY vintage charcuterie board

DIY vintage charcuterie board

Small adds up revive your charcuterie board and create a style of its own. Not necessary for just charcuterie, could be for bread and cheese or even a serving tray!

By adding drawer pulls, any simple cutting board turns to a wonderful piece in your kitchen.

Choose a cutting board of your choice. I wanted it to look antique but i didn’t find one where i live, so i had to do the effect by myself (with acrylic). In a previous post for cheese board DIY i explained how to choose your non toxic paint.

DIY vintage charcuterie board

Very easy and simple DIY. If you are handy with drilling, it takes more time to describe how to make this cutting board than it takes to actually make it. Just mark where you want to fix the pulls and drill holes.

DIY vintage charcuterie board

I love everything rustic and vintage, hence i chose these pulls.

DIY vintage charcuterie board

And here is my vintage charcuterie board.

DIY vintage charcuterie board

With those handles it’s easy to use it as a serving tray as well! It’s an open ended craft, you can create endless colors or shapes to embellish your kitchen and wow your guests. It’s even a beautiful personalized gift for friends and family.

DIY vintage charcuterie board

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4 responses to “DIY vintage charcuterie board

  1. This is such a good idea! 😉

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  2. Try e bay for old cheese and charcuterie boards there is a some one doing French stuff under the name French Fancies I think ,they have lovely vintage stuff.


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