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Tomates – cerises (cherry tomato) salad

tomates cerises salad

As promised, here is an adaptation of the tomates cerises salad that i first tasted at la maison de la foret in “tawlet bkassine” restaurant www.tawletbkassine.com

So delicious, couldn’t get enough of it. We need:

  • 300g cherry tomato cut in halves
  • two small shallot or white onion cut a la julienne. For more information of which type of onion to use click onion guide
  • handful of mint leaves
  • handful of basil leaves
  • handful pine seeds roasted
  • handful dried raisin soaked in water for 15 mns at least

Mix all with a dash of salt and olive oil drizzle. If you are a fan of lemon you can add one tbsp as well.

tomates cerises salad

As i always say, a healthy salad doesn’t mean a boring salad! Enjoy health on your plate!

tomates cerises salad


La maison de la foret – Bkassine (south Jezzine) – South Lebanon

la maison de la foret


” It’s easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone” – Gandhi

This famous quote came to my mind after crossing more than 70 km from Beirut to reach Bkassine, this beautiful charming village south of jezzine (south Lebanon). Thinking to my self there should be something really fascinating about this eco-touristic piece of heaven “la maison de la forêt” to be far from the crowd and yet succeeding.

Few are the places that captures my heart and am not an easy to please person. I admit i fell in love with this jewel nestled in the heart of the largest pine forest in Bkassine.

la maison de la foret

“A home with nature”.

Absolutely true. A lovely team greeted us with a warm welcome, made us feel at a fresher home. If it wasn’t our last days of vacation, we would have stayed and slept in one of their beautiful bungalows or tents in this evergreen escape… If it is up to me i can spend a night “a la belle etoile” enjoying the enchanting mesmerizing nature.

la maison de la foret

“Tawlet”, their amazing authentic lebanese restaurant, where i can use all the culinary lexicon to describe how succulent and delish the food is. Couldn’t get enough of their “tomates – cerises” salad and “rose water” drink. I promise to post the “tomates – cerises” recipe soon.

If you wish to escape from the routine of life and indulge in an unforgettable experience, visit “la maison de la foret” where nature tickles your soul.

Finally, hats off to Gilbert, you made this experience memorable. You are far more than professional, you represent the hospitality and generosity of the south. Thanks to your team, Maher, Georges, Raafat, Dani and to the beautiful Eliana, Myriam and Viviane. Until we meet again… Love always