Shrimps and exotic fruits salad in pineapple shell

shrimps and exotic fruits saladFruits are food of Gods! This salad is inspired from my trip to Sri Lanka. In a previous post i mentioned all the health benefits of the exotic fruits of Sinhala which really motivated me to create this tempting salad.

shrimps and exotic fruits salad

It has it all;  wholesome, delish and beautifully presented. Imagine this mix of mango, pineapple, papaya, avocado and shrimps!  When you smell its aroma as you take it to your mouth you wish to close your eyes to create a better mental image and involve all your senses.

shrimps and exotic fruits saladSo easy to do and doesn’t involve so much of preparation. To make this salad for two you need:

  • one medium pineapple
  • one medium mango
  • two small avocado
  • half of a papaya
  • 300g shrimps cooked

Divide the pineapple in two halves and empty one of them to use it as a boat for the salad.

shrimps and exotic fruits saladIn a bowl, cut all the fruits in medium cubes then add the shrimps. Mix all with lemon mayo dressing and pour it in the pineapple shell. Eh voila ready to serve!

shrimps and exotic fruits salad

shrimps and exotic fruits saladshrimps and exotic fruits salad

4 responses to “Shrimps and exotic fruits salad in pineapple shell

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  2. Yes it’s true shrimps are very delicate and get easily overcooked. Fresh or frozen are cooked the same way, but if you choose frozen make sure to bring them to room temperature before boiling. Put them in a pot, i never submerge shrimps with water (the shrimps themselves release water), if you are boiling 1kg you only need to put 1/2 cup of water. Without a big deal of water, you will help protect the water-soluble nutrients.
    Put the pot on a medium heat, when it starts boiling, allow it to cook for 2 minutes and remove the pot from the heat. Set aside for 10 minutes (as they will continue to cook) to cool down before taking off the peal that changed from light grey to orange pink.


  3. Can’t wait to make this salad. The shrimps look like they have been cooked to perfection. I always end up overcooking mine. Any tips?


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