homemade paint to my little artist masterpiece

homemade paint

This homemade paint recipe is closer to paint dough due to the thick texture you get. But it all depends on how much you want to dilute it!

The original recipe calls for:

  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 3/4 cup salt
  • 3/4 cup water
  • coloring gel (wilton as i always recommend)

Whisk together the water, flour, and salt, then add the coloring gel. The dough will be just barely pourable, if you want it less thick, add 1/4 cup of water. Pour the dough into squeeze bottles.

homemade paint

To take advantage of the nice weather (before going back to doha heat), we took everything we might need and we head to the closest parc to let my little artist create his colorful chef d’oeuvre!

homemade paint

To kick off the play, i handed him sponge cut outs to paint with. Knowing that after 5 minutes he will go excited and use only his hands. Let your child choose how to play, you can suggest new things or present new options, but he should be the boss. The most important is to talk to him while you play and you’ll help boost his language skills and widen his imagination.

homemade paint

Time for a messy play! I just sat down and watched him while naming the colors, textures, and things around us. He was enjoying squeezing the paint out of the bottles and mixing! Lots of mixing!

homemade paint

As always Nady likes to taste everything! That’s why i always prepare homemade recipes with edible ingredients to play with.

homemade paint

When we first played with noodles and playdough we had doubts he inherited my OCD tendancies, but this time i am sure he does 🙂 look how he always tidy the sponges!

homemade paint

After 45 minutes of painting, here is Nady’s chef d’oeuvre! I am really impressed!

homemade paint

Drying times will vary depending on the dough’s thickness!

homemade paint

homemade paint

It was such a fun and quality time together. Always spend time with your kids, this is the best you can do to them.


4 responses to “homemade paint to my little artist masterpiece

  1. where do I buy Wilton coloring gel?


  2. مرحبا،
    اعذريني حاكتب بالعربي
    تعبر عن اعجابي بالطريقة يلي بتخلي ابنك يتصرف فيها
    جد انا عندي ابن عمره 5 اشهر بتعلم من عندك الاشيا يلي بتسمحي فيها لابنك وكيف انه يعمل يلي بده ياه ويعبر عن نفسه
    وقديش هل شي حلو وبريحه وبيخليه خلاق

    شكرا كتير كتير 🙂

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