all berries no bake cheesecake

all berries cheese cake

No bake desserts are the best! Quick, easy and delicious. This creamy layered treat is one of the incredible indulgent sweet course. Each layer by itself is inviting. Follow me for a step by step tutorial:

To prepare the crust, put 250g of digestive biscuits into a food processor and blend until you get fine crumbs.


Add 80g of softened butter and 1/4 cup granulated sugar. Mix well until you get sand like mixture.

all berries cheesecake

For the filling, blend 500g cream cheese (I use philadelphia cheese) with 1 cup of icing sugar. Once mixed well add 2 cups of whipping cream and zest of half a lemon. Whisk to become fluffy.

all berries cheesecake

For  individual portions, choose a glass or shooter of your choice to press the crust in the buttom. Add the cream cheese, then all berries jam and let it cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

all berries cheesecake

You can use any jam you favor; could be strawberry, blueberry or even caramel…..

all berries cheesecake

If you like frozen sweets, put it in the freezer for couple of hours before adding the jam. Trust me it will be your summer dessert, you will melt for it!

all berries cheesecake




You are going to love these cheesecakes. Enjoy!

all berries cheesecake

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