cheese mouse breakfast

breakfast mouseNothing is worth the look on your baby’s face when he sees this breakfast! it’s friday meaning it’s the weekend in Qatar. No work, no nursery let’s have fun. It’s breakfast time.

It’s a smart way to let your baby eat his breakfast if you find difficulties. In the same time he learns the colors and shapes.

All you need is to buy a flower shape cutter and I am sure the rest is available at home.

IMG_8392Use the cutter to prepare the carrots for the flowers. You can cut tomatoes and cucumbers as well, choose the vegetables your baby like.

IMG_8394– Cucumber peels for the flower stem and the mouse tail.

– Lemon slice for the sun shape

– Cut a triangle out of your baby’s favourite cheese.

– Two slices of the cucumber for the mouse ears.

– Cut the end of the olive for the nose and two small pieces for the eyes.

Would you try it?

2 responses to “cheese mouse breakfast

  1. Yes i would!!! Amazing i hope i’ll find the flower shape cutter in lebanon 🙂

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