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DIY – star crown palm sunday candle

star crown - palm sunday candle|marmite e tponpon

Unique and personalized things are not just meaningful but treasured for it has some of your heart.

Personalized candles have a way of standing out from the crowd, let your little ones feel exceptional and special as they were born!

star crown - palm sunday candle|marmite e tponpon

I am sharing with you my little boy candle (19 months), it won’t take too much of your time and doesn’t require craft skills. Colors are always subjective and depending on the outfit they are wearing. Follow this step by step tutorial to see how beautiful things are found in the simple!

star crown palm sunday candle DIY|marmite et ponpon

The choice and quality of ribbons, colors matched together and the way of combination make all the difference. Keep it simple and elegant is the golden rule! Happy palm sunday!

star crown - palm sunday candle|marmite e tponpon

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