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Color changing flowers experiment – My Little Scientist

Color changing flowers experimentThis experiment is a great lesson of “patience” to give to your children, of course beside teaching them about flowers and osmosis. But before going that deep let me tell you it’s also a great fun for the whole family!

Very easy set up; begin by filling the vases with water and desired colors. We used roses and daisies for the experiment.  Give a fresh cut to the flowers before placing them in the colored water, it helps for a quicker absorption.

Color changing flowers experimentColor changing flowers experimentAs the flowers drink the colored water, they will start changing colors (due to osmosis effect, in simple words moving water through the stems to make it more comprehensible to your kids as the flowers need to drink). The change won’t start before few hours.

Our first observation was 6 hours later.

Color changing flowers experimentThe roses were more colored than the daisies. Not all flowers react the same. Nady is so into experiences nowadays, he expects to do one every day after school. I am sure he is fascinated with the outcome thinking it’s magic more than science. I don’t blame him, i would like to believe so also, it brings more fun to the experiment 🙂

Color changing flowers experimentColor changing flowers experimentEach time we go back to check on the flowers, i don’t hide it, i was even more excited than Nady! And this is how they looked after 24 hours.

Color changing flowers experimentThe red and yellow looked amazing! the slowest was purple, so we eliminate it, Nady thought it wasn’t fun 🙂 Don’t do that maybe yours will work!

Color changing flowers experimentColor changing flowers experimentAfter each observation, Nady wants to take pictures with his magical flowers. Then we put them back each in their corresponding vase.

Honestly i was very impressed with his patience, personally i wasn’t. It was a good exercise for me too.

Last observation was 48 hours later. Here are our beautiful flowers!!

Color changing flowers experimentColor changing flowers experimentColor changing flowers experimentColor changing flowers experimentColor changing flowers experiment

You can leave the flowers in the water as much as you want, the colors will be certainly brighter. It all depends on the patience of your children.

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