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sail away with paper boats

paper boatSail into summer with fun paper boats. Such a fun water activity, sailing boats into water streams played magic on me when i was a kid.

Since we arrived to lebanon, i wanted to take Nady to this specific place where i used to play when i was his age or even bigger.

paper boats

The sound of water flowing increases the energy and causes great eagerness! With less than a dollar you can make 20 colored boats to launch in this cool water.

paper boatsHere is a detailed tutorial paper boat craft:

paper boat tutorialFold an A4 paper in half. Again fold from both sides to the middle two side triangles to make like the roof of a house.

paper boatsFold up the rectangular part under the triangle from both sides. Fold the edges to the inside to make hat shape.

paper boats tutorialFold the hat exactly in the middle, then fold up the edges (triangles) from both sides. Again if you open it it looks like a hat.

paper boats tutorialOpen the hat sideways, et voila the beautiful paper boat!

paper boats

The multi colored boats and the green on the sides of the water stream created a charming frame! If you don’t have natural water streams nearby, you can play by the sides of a pool or even in the bathtub to make the shower more fun.

paper boats

paper boats

We could stay forever playing, sensory water activities are endless, as i always say it’s one of the most exciting things to explore! Even when all the boats sailed away, Nady found another game to stay by the stream. Throwing stones in the water! Yes splash, slosh and slop! He was so excited he just wanted to soak his hands in the cold water…

throwing stones

Imagine how exciting and fun playing with water!

paper boats