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Marine Palm Sunday candle – DIY

Palm sunday is in less than a week time. If you still didn’t buy your kid’s candle and you would like to make a special unique one, here is a step by step tutorial for a marine theme.

On a white candle, wrap two different colors of ribbon, almost at the 1/3, so it’s above your kid hand grip.

ribbon wrap

Create with a third color ribbon, a kind of bow as shown below and stick it in the middle between the two ribbons.


Stick the motifs either with UHU glue or wax gun. Click here to download a high resolution file of the drawing. Print it on a card board and let the printing house cut it out with laser if you are not good with the exacto.

motifUse a thread to attach the wheel and anchor, and let them dangle.

palm sunday candle

You can use any color related to the marine theme, not necessarily those specific ones. Depending on what you find in the shop.

palm sunday candle - DIY

Boy or girl can enjoy this candle. Happy palm sunday!

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palm sunday candle DIY