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Pretty and practical homemade food ideas for picnic

IMG_2940It’s now the perfect time for outdoor activities in Doha. Everyone wants to spend as much time as possible and take advantage of the weather especially it won’t be for so long.

I heart picnics! what’s better than throwing a fun picnic with the family and friends, enjoying good homemade food while surrounded by nature. The best thing, we didn’t have to go far to enjoy our picnic, 10 minutes drive and here we are in the beautiful museum park. It was full of people picnicking, but the space was so big that everyone got his private green spot.

picnic spaceI know lot of you find it hard to prepare food for picnic and prefer to buy them ready packed to save the hassle. I will give you great food ideas, so easy and pretty that will make you think twice before having take away.

The aim of this post is not giving detailed recipes but ideas of practical food for picnic and how a small detail makes it look fancy and creative. Yes why not, you can have a casual picnic with beautifully presented food that looks fancy.

chicken sandwich1- Grilled Chicken and avocado sandwiches. Very easy to prepare. You can use any type of bread, personally i like beignet bread for its soft texture. Stuff it with the grilled chicken, avocado slices, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise. You can use any stuffing you like, wrap the sandwich with craft paper and tie it with a twine.

chicken in beignet breadEh voila the pretty and creative sandwiches yet practical. Now it’s easy to put them in a container or even a zip lock bag.

2- Spinach and Emmental quiche. Any type of flat food prepared in a baking dish and cut in geometric shapes is very easy to be stored, if you don’t like quiche you can have pizza, kibbeh bil sanyeh, tarte….

quicheThe best part of lunch is when everyone shares his food. If you are a group of people, no one has too much to prepare, distribute the tasks! This quiche was prepared by my friend Hajar. It was delicious!

3- Pasta, crab and orange salad. Salads are always a hit in picnics. Great as a side or main dish if it has substantial ingredients. Easy to pack in a container and stays fresh up to 4 hours without a fridge.

pasta and crab saladSalads are colorful and cheerful. Long tubular pasta (casarecce), matching the shape of the crab sticks, orange wedges and corn. Yellow, orange and red go really well with the green backdrop.  Serve it with lemon mayo dressing to go with the tangy flavor. There are open ended choices of salads. I am sure everyone has his favorite.

4- Hotdog puff pastry and cheese straws. Very easy and quick especially the puff pastry is ready made. It only takes the time of baking (15 mns almost). You can replace the hotdog with cheese or spinach.

cheese strawsCutting boards are very practical and beautiful to serve the food. Jamie oliver was a big inspiration in this matter. In previous posts i showed you how to decorate your cutting boards for such presentations.

5- Marbled cake. There should always be at least one dessert to please your sweet tooth especially if you have kids with you. A basic but delicious cake is one option.

marbled cakeIt’s so clever to bake them in individual molds for picnic. No need for plates and forks, each can have his part with no mess! One day I will share the detailed recipe (it is Cyril Lignac’s recipe) for this cake because it’s so yummy. Again thank you Hajar for introducing this cake to us.

6- Custard and jello in a jar. This was a fab idea for this type of dessert. You can use any mason jar you have at home, close the lid and here is the most practical dessert ever. It can be any pudding you like.

custard and jelloIt was a fun day, we really enjoyed the weather and the green space. It was a great opportunity to play with the kids and unwind after a long busy week.

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Tree with homemade fingerpaint

tree with homemade fingerpaint

Today’s post is so colorful and fun, not just because of the art project, this time Nady is sharing it with his friend Fouad!

tree with homemade fingerpaint

Two days ago Nady came from the nursery with a painting made of dots. I knew then they are exploring circles and dots. As i mentioned once, my son is my inspiration for the activities, so lets paint a tree practicing dots!

To prepare this easy recipe you need:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 2 1/2 cup water
  • food coloring

Mix water and salt in a pot. Set the heat on medium, slowly add the flour and mix with a whisk to not get lumps. Once it starts thickening, put down the heat and keep stirring until you get the right consistency, custard like.

Leave it to cool, then divide it in containers as many colors you want to have. Add your colors and mix well. And here is your homemade fingerpaint!

tree with homemade fingerpaint

With a brown paper i made the cut out of the trunk shape to set the starting point.

tree with homemade fingerpaint

Nady, already familiar with this type of painting couldn’t wait to start, Fouad (should mention he is 7 months younger) was exploring this messy art for the first time, but all what mommy needed to do is dump those tiny fingers in the paint and let the fun begin!

tree with homemade fingerpaint

tree with homemade fingerpaint

There are plenty of activities you can do to encourage creative play at your home. Painting is so tempting, one of the creative plays that offers many skills to learn especially when freedom is left to explore.

Children love being creative if they are given the chance, such activities develop a love for the creative process, enlarge their brain and set them up as creative thinkers in all walks of life.

Don’t hesitate to do such messy activities at home, children love the paint! Try not to stress about the mess and let them enjoy being creative. Of course shouldn’t be a war zone as well, set the rules and boundaries and let them enjoy! Homemade recipes are always the safest and easiest to be cleaned with less risk of stains.

The physical, emotional and social benefits and skills gained from such activities are worth the mess!

tree with homemade fingerpaint

Painting develop fine motor skills in early age which in turn helps them to be writing ready as they are near school age.

tree with homemade fingerpaint

Even at young age, creative activities help to develop maths skills such as geometry (size and shape).

Look at the art pieces we got at the end:

tree with homemade fingerpaint

This is the chef d’oeuvre of Fouad, he didn’t just use his hands but his feet as well! i loved how he was exploring the paint!

tree with homemade fingerpaint

And this is the chef d’oeuvre of Nady, we framed it and add it to his wall of art!

tree with homemade fingerpaint

Aren’t they beautiful?

We spent a really fun creative afternoon! A refaire sans dire!