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Le plus cool des papas-tie DIY

father's day-tie DIY|marmite et ponpon

Pourquoi tu aimes papa et combien?

Nady (3 years and a half): parce que je joue football avec lui, on s’amuse et rigole, on regarde nickelodeon ensemble, il m’achete des oeufs surprise .. Tu sais maman je l’aime parce que je l’aime beaucoup 🙂 je l’aime a 3 heures et demi et 3 ans et a l’infini 🙂

Joud (10months): dadada dadada (giggles….) mwahh (non stop kisses)

Happy fathers day to the coolest papa Antoun from Nady and Joud (and of course from me), we love you a l’infini, may God bless you and keep you safe.

If you like to reproduce this amazing DIY tie that we made for this occasion, click here to download a high resolution file. You will need a white tie or any other color of your choice for a professional screen printing.

As for the box, it’s an empty corn flour tin, we sprayed it with black. Nady enjoyed sticking golden stars and a big one on top.


father's day-tie DIY |marmite et ponpon

father's day-tie DIY | marmite et ponpon

Happy fathers day to all fathers in the world and especially to my hero ❤

أبي هو ذاك الذي اطلب منه نجمتان فيأتي وهو يحمل على ظهره سماء

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Fathers day shirt folding card- DIY – kids activity

father's day card shirt foldSimple ideas come out the best when made with love. Father’s day is so soon! Like every year, I make sure to let Nady add his personal touch to make it special and memorable. A personal DIY souvenir along with the gift, means so much. This easy yet beautiful card folded as shirt with a message of love, picture or drawing will definitely warm papa’s heart.

All you need is a rectangular double side cardboard and 3 buttons. The one we prepared is one side stripes and plain blue the other. If you want to make the same design, click here to download this card design. It’s within A3 paper and you can resize it.

how to fold the card as shirtFold the two sides to meet in the middle, keeping the stripes on the outside. Bend the top corners to look like a collar, then stick the buttons. Of course with the help of your kids.

father's day card. shirt foldNow the card is ready, leave the inside to your kid’s imagination and choice. And this is i guess the most important and meaningful to papa.

shirt fold father's day cardI love the look on Nady’s face when he is so proud of what he did!

Nady celebrated early father’s day at the nursery, he came home and was so in the mood so to keep the celebrations we made this card at home. I got the chance to share it, kind of warm up before Sunday 😉

Happy early Fathers day !

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colored pasta frame to Nady’s best papa tuto in the world – Happy father’s day!

colored pasta frame

Papa Tuto (Antoun) we miss you a lot, can’t wait one more week to join us! Nady’s is in a hurry to see you to offer you his handmade frame, made with love.

If you want to make similar frame, all you need is colored pasta and a frame of your choice.

Color different type of pasta, with food coloring. Let it dry completely for at least 5 hours before using.

colored pasta frame

Choose a white frame (for a better contrast with the colors) with big borders to have a space to stick the colored pasta.

colored pasta

Tuto as Nady calls Antoun! You can write anything you wish, maybe a message!

Brush the frame with glue (we used UHU) give your child the pasta and let him be creative.

colored pasta

This beautiful frame is 100% made by Nady 🙂

colored pasta


colored frame

He kept on sticking and removing the pasta for a long time! He really enjoyed this craft play! Even after he is done with the frame he played with the remaining pasta for some time!

colored pasta

colored pasta

It’s the second father’s day for you, and it happens for the second time we are not celebrating in the same country. I collected your happy moments with Nady over these two years, i know each picture says hundred words, thousand stories and infinite feelings.

father's day

Happy father’s day tuto, am sure Nady will grow up loving you and being proud of you!

Happy father’s day to all the fathers in the world, especially those who lost a kid, those who raised one they didn’t give birth to and those who takes care of their kid with special needs.

Happy father’s day to my father in law William, may you live long and god grants you health.

father's day

Finally happy father’s day to the one who put me on his shoulders to reach the stars.

تعاليمك صلاتي وصدرك سمائي وحبك سرمدي كيسوعي أزلي.

father's day