Le plus cool des papas-tie DIY

father's day-tie DIY|marmite et ponpon

Pourquoi tu aimes papa et combien?

Nady (3 years and a half): parce que je joue football avec lui, on s’amuse et rigole, on regarde nickelodeon ensemble, il m’achete des oeufs surprise .. Tu sais maman je l’aime parce que je l’aime beaucoup 🙂 je l’aime a 3 heures et demi et 3 ans et a l’infini 🙂

Joud (10months): dadada dadada (giggles….) mwahh (non stop kisses)

Happy fathers day to the coolest papa Antoun from Nady and Joud (and of course from me), we love you a l’infini, may God bless you and keep you safe.

If you like to reproduce this amazing DIY tie that we made for this occasion, click here to download a high resolution file. You will need a white tie or any other color of your choice for a professional screen printing.

As for the box, it’s an empty corn flour tin, we sprayed it with black. Nady enjoyed sticking golden stars and a big one on top.


father's day-tie DIY |marmite et ponpon

father's day-tie DIY | marmite et ponpon

Happy fathers day to all fathers in the world and especially to my hero ❤

أبي هو ذاك الذي اطلب منه نجمتان فيأتي وهو يحمل على ظهره سماء

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2 responses to “Le plus cool des papas-tie DIY

  1. I am the luckiest dad :)!!! you make me a cool dad, a good dad, the best dad!!… Jaymmy, Nady & Joud, you are the best :)!! a l’infini infini infini :))!!

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