Purslane, avocado and rocket salad

purslane, avocado and rocket salad|marmite et ponpon

An easy and quick salad for those hot days when you look for a refreshing breeze. The blend of purslane, rocket, avocado, tomato, onion and pomegranate seeds make it so flavorful and nutritious.

In the beginning i found it a bit awkward to add purslane to this salad, i am used to the traditional one that mom used to make for us with tomato and cucumber. But since i am a lover of these soft leaves i wanted to give it a try and add it to this unconventional salad.

purslane, avocado & rocket salad|marmite et ponpon

For those who doesn’t know, purslane leaves have more omega 3 fatty acids than in some of the fish oils. Surprisingly, 100 grams of fresh purslane leaves provide about 350 mg of alpha linolenic acid. Research studies show that consumption of food rich in omega 3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Without forgetting it’s very low in calories (just 16 kcal/100g) and fats. This amazing green leafy vegetable is also rich in dietary fibers, vitamins (A, C and some B complex) and minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and manganese). Isn’t it magical?!

purslane, avocado & rocket salad |marmite et ponpon

For two, you will need:

  • purslane leaves, almost two cups
  • a bunch of rocket leaves, almost 3 cups
  • one small onion cut a la julienne
  • one medium tomato coarsely chopped
  • one big avocado sliced
  • half cup pomegranate seeds

Mix all together and serve with a vinaigrette dressing (apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, olive oil and salt), or lemon and olive oil. Choose upon your taste.

purslane, avocado & rocket salad| marmite et ponpon

Vegetarian or vegan people will cherish this treasure. If you are avoiding animal products, go for this healthy dark green leafy vegetable and enjoy all the benefits of fish! I am sure i will be testing other ways to use this highly beneficial purslane and most of all succulent.

purslane, avocado and rocket salad |marmite et ponpon

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