Bunnies and chicks cups – kids craft

Easter bunnies and chicks cups

Cute and fun craft to do with your kids this Easter vacation, it makes a beautiful spring decoration too. A great educational and entertaining project, setting the mood for Easter before the eggs coloring.

First to do the bunnies, you will need

  • white cups
  • paint, we chose pink
  • pompoms
  • wiggling eyes
  • pipe cleaners
  • rope

Follow this step by step tutorial:

Your kids will love this craft and find it so fun that they wish to do so many bunnies not to finish quickly! Especially those dangling feet. If you couldn’t find a piece of rope, we used the handles of a paper bag 🙂

Easter bunnies & chicks cups | marmite et ponpon

Now comes the turn of the chicks. We need:

  • white cups
  • yellow paint
  • wiggling eyes
  • orange paper
  • yellow feather

Follow me step by step

Aren’t they cute? I think they will stay even after Easter. I love how they add the spring freshness to our decoration.

the Easter bunnies&chicks cups|marmite et ponpon

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