Snowman fridge – crafts for tiny hands

fridge snowmanAt christmas, people find themselves shopping for fancy decorations, huge and expensive trees that they compete over (as if there is a reward at the end of the season)and they end up paying leg and arm to decorate their houses. The result is forbidding their children from touching anything or enjoying the festivities.

The only reward that matters is seeing my son enjoying a real Christmas and living it to bits! To your kids, touching, discovering and playing with the colorful decorations means more than just admiring. Therefore, i never buy any decoration that i wouldn’t let him touch. In a previous post i showed you how to make handmade ornaments , my son loves to decorate and redecorate his own tree with no restrictions, we call it “le sapin de Nady”. The best way to introduce Christmas to your toddler is letting him live it.

Today we are doing a snowman fridge! The simplest ideas are the most striking. I enjoy crafting with Nady, especially he has a go at arts and crafts, i find it as fun and quality time together. All you need is self adhesive colored papers, but if you don’t have you can use regular colored ones and clear contact papers.

fridge snowman how to do

  • 5 black small circles to make the mouth
  • 2 bigger black circles for the eyes
  • an orange triangle for the nose
  • any colors you like to make 7-10 rectangles to form the scarf and 3-4 circles for the buttons.

If your fridge is not white you can still do it the dishwasher or a white door. I love the rich simplicity!

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