Bathtub basketball frenzy

bathtub basketball

There was so much excitement you would have wished to be a kid again to participate in this frenzy of delight!

All you need to do is hang a basketball hoop, (i made it with a foam piece, should be light in weight to be able to stick it), fill the tub with water (at desirable temperature), load it with colorful balls and let the energy flow!

bathtub basketball

Amazed by his concentration and fine motor skills as if he always played basketball, I showed admiration which encouraged him and made him keen not to miss any shot!

bathtub basketball

Such games are not just for finer motor skills but also to develop gifts! My treasure isn’t only a beautiful artist, he is a sportsman as well! Now Papa Antoun please rest assured, Nady likes sports too 🙂

bathtub basketball

He got so excited to dunk as well!

bathtub basketball

We guess Nady is ambidextrous with ability to use both hands at equal ease.

bathtub basketball

bathtub basketball

Fun game in the bathtub with lots of energy, skills and laughter. Watch this video:

You can also see from previous bathtub games:

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8 responses to “Bathtub basketball frenzy

  1. This is such a fun idea!


  2. I love all ur ideas they’re brilliant!! I’m doing them all with james!


  3. Nady is a sportsman too 🙂 :)!! lol :)!!

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  4. Nady is the cutest !!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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