Bring the sea to the bath

A great and simple way to bring the sea to the bathtub and add more fun to the bath.

In previous times we explored other fun activities to enjoy the bath time and encourage sensory play such as “the bathtub paint” and water balloons”.

Today we created a small sea world in our bathtub simply by adding cyan color gel to the water and tucked in all the sea creatures that we have with nady’s favorite toys.

sea in the bath

We are back in doha, the weather is too hot reaching almost 45ºC. This playtime was an opportunity to beat the heat, enjoy the bath and introduce new vocabulary words.

sea in the bath

When you try this play you will notice how hard to stop it! Nady can play for hours with water without giving any sign of boredom. He manages to invent games not to step out of the tub. The advantage of messy play in the bath is you can contain all the mess and clean up easily.

sea in the bath

Nothing will spoil this prolonged fun except the non desirable temperature of the water. It’s a sign to stop the play and take the bath!

sea in the bath

Bon Bain Nady!

5 responses to “Bring the sea to the bath

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  2. Live this idea!


  3. Im sure Nady Adored it 🙂 we miss you a lot !!


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