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DIY – chuck angry bird palm sunday candle

chuck angry bird palm sunday candle |marmite et ponpon

Who wouldn’t know, if you follow my blog activities, that this year is the angry birds year par excellence to my eldest son. Being a big fan of angry birds, i was expecting his request for the palm sunday candle decoration.

Again, i will say unique and personalized things are not just meaningful but treasured for it has some of your heart. Do your little ones candle, not just to stand out the crowd but to show that you care and they are special and exceptional.

Follow this step by step self explanatory tutorial, and don’t forget colors are always subjective, depending on the theme design and outfit they are wearing.

how to do chuck angry bird palm sunday candle|marmite et ponpon

Et voila our “Chuck” angry bird candle. If you are using another character, you can change the yellow ribbon to the adequate color.

All i can say, Nady’s reaction when he saw the candle was priceless and memorable.

chuck angry bird palm sunday candle |marmite et ponpon

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chuck angry bird palm sunday candle|marmite et ponpon

kids spring/Easter crafts, yellow flowers (DIY- step by step)


The color festival is still on! Celebrate the spring and pre-easter season with your kids. Develop their fine motor skills, and teach them colors.

My boy is learning the spring season and the yellow color at the nursery. I thought of DIY yellow paper flowers. Why not? It could be the table centerpiece at Easter. Lets have fun!

First we need a vase. Empty cheese jar was an excellent idea. We decorated it with colorful japanese washi tape.

kiri cheese pot

The minute I set down the material on the table, Nady showed an unbelievable excitement.

You will be surprised how much you can do with just papers; Pinwheel daffodil, marigold, daisy, tulip and geranium, for this time.

Follow me step by step on how we do the pinwheel daffodil.

how we do dafodil pinwheel




how to do marigold


Daisy, tulip and geranium. Click on flowers cut outs for a high resolution file.

flower cut outs

daisy, tulip and geranium

Green straws for the stems.

stick on straw Et voila!

all flowers designs

Simply gorgeous! Nady was so happy, contemplating the beauty of the flowers.

spring flowers DIY

spring flowers DIY 2

spring flowers DIY 3

So excited, he started to collect the flowers to make a bouquet.

spring flowers DIY 4

spring flowers DIY 5

Nady’s reaction to this activity was unexpected. I was extremely happy from his response. Crafting today was extremely beautiful and fun. He grabbed the vase and started to fill it with the flowers.

spring flowers DIY 6

spring flowers DIY 7

spring flowers DIY 8Busy boy 🙂 So proud of himself.

spring flowers DIY 8