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From a toilet paper roll to a beautiful christmas gift box

Exchanging presents at Christmas is one of the most exciting rituals. Sometimes you find yourself wondering how to wrap small items, money or gift vouchers in other than a simple envelope that might be lost between the huge colorful gifts! These handmade gift boxes are the perfect solution.

Turn a toilet paper roll to a beautiful christmas gift box in just 10 minutes. Yes it’s a toilet paper roll!

how to do toilet paper roll gift boxFlatten it with your hand and fold half moon on both ends front and back. The box will come together even without glue.

Now unleash your creativity in decorating the box. You can use anything that comes to your mind.

how to decorate toilet paper roll gift boxStart timing ; Cover it with a red paper, wrap around a golden thread, attach 2 small bells to both ends and stick a small ornament. I used a star made with salt dough (already showed how to do in a previous post). Stooooop! I bet it took less than 10 minutes.

toilet paper roll decorationsHere are four other ways to decorate your gift box

  • 1. beige paper, green striped washi paper, red ribbon and green button
  • 2. doily lace paper, red polka dot paper. red ribbon, 2 red buttons
  • 3. green polka dot paper, golden paillette thread, 3 salt dough stars, 3 green stars made of sugar
  • 4. red polka dot paper, green ribbon and small santa hat

santa hat toilet paper roll gift boxLet your gifts stand out this Christmas, and make your loved ones excited about the wrap more than the gift itself! I would say give a double present this year!

bells paper roll gift boxAlways add your personal touch to anything you offer, it makes you presents more precious and full of thoughts and love. Ditch expensive wrappings and go simple and creative with materials you already have at home and impress your family and friends.

green button paper roll gift boxYou still have time to save the toilet paper rolls, don’t throw them! Make extra gift boxes, fill them with candies and make all the children you know happy! It could be children you don’t know…. This is actually what’s all about in Christmas.

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