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melting crayons art

melting crayons art |marmite et ponpon

It’s been a while i saw this fun art and wanted to explore it with my son. I was delaying it being afraid my younger boy would be scared of the dryer noise. But surprisingly he likes it :), so lets melt some crayons.

So easy to do, all you need is a canvas or a thick cardboard, wax crayons and glue to stick them on. When you peel the crayons, leave a small part of the paper to be able to stick them on the board. Use a hair dryer to melt the crayons down and create an arbitrary bold art piece.

melting crayon art|marmite et ponpon

This project focuses on the fun of making it rather on precision and final outcome. That’s why it’s a fun art project for kids, they will have a blast melting down the crayons.

melting crayons art project |marmite et ponpon

When satisfied with the end result and stopped melting the crayons, it takes maximum 15 minutes to dry. Make sure to cover the surface where you are playing because it’s a really messy game but trust me it’s worth it.

Turn it upside down for a more fun crayon art frame. I am sure you will hang it on your wall and plan for another session to explore more of this fun project.

melting crayons art project | marmite et ponpon

This is our final piece of art!

melting crayons art project|marmite et ponpon

We will return back to this game and i will promise more fun introducing new design elements and a theme of course.

melting crayon art |marmite et ponpon

melting crayons art|marmite et ponpon

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