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Process art – Spinning for spring

spin art celebrating spring | marmite et ponponProcess art is when you’re enjoying the creative process, trying or inventing new techniques, introducing new elements from daily life, and the least you care about is working for the end result. In few words, process art is when the process of creating matters more than the result product.

Kids love process art, naturally they enjoy the journey more than the delivered product. They unleash their creativity, being all messy and mostly happy. Discovering and experiencing is the key! I was searching for a fun way of painting to start the spring/Easter decoration. I wanted Nady to be excited about the activity and enjoy the preparations. I came across the spin art paint.

spin art celebrating spring |marmite et ponpon

Without thinking twice i knew this is the type of activity that Nady will love. I got a

  • salad spinner
  • vibrant colors paint
  • card boards (cut in 18x18cm square)

… and here we go!

Put the paper inside the salad spinner, squirt some paint and spin!

We repeated many times with different colors combination and each time was more beautiful. In spin art paint we didn’t just enjoy the process but we were in love with the end product as well! Nady didn’t want to stop.

spring spin art |marmite et ponpon

We kept them overnight to dry before mounting them on foam boards.

Nady was so happy he couldn’t wait to hang them on the wall. We both enjoyed this process art and the surprise effect with each time we open the salad spinner to discover a new painting. We decided to do all our decorations this way!

spring spin art|marmite et ponpon

The next day we repeated the same process with smaller pieces of paper to create a spring garland!

spin art garland |marmite et ponpon

spin art for spring |marmite et ponpon

That’s it for now but it’s not all. Wait for more posts of spin art process, we still have almost 3 weeks to Easter and a lot to do. Stay tuned!

spin art for spring|marmite et ponpon

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