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Frogs Easter eggs – DIY

Frogs Easter eggs |marmite et ponpon

This year is Joud’s first Easter. There was no way not to make for him exclusive eggs, cute just like him; frogs Easter eggs!

Start by coloring the hard boiled eggs with green color. If you have different shades of colors it will be perfect to make it more realistic, or simply leave some eggs in the dye for longer and shorter time to get different hues of green.

After the eggs are well dry, stick the frog’s cutout face, that you can download it if you click on frogs file.

To make it look realistic, put them on a glass tray with some pebbles, an artificial lily to look as if they are floating in a lake.

Frogs Easter eggs|marmite et ponpon

Frogs as Easter eggs | marmite et ponpon

Aren’t cute and so real? i am in love with them and Joud is as well 🙂

joud with Frogs Easter eggs|marmite et ponpon

joud with Frogs Easter eggs| marmite et ponpon

joud with Frogs Easter eggs |marmite et ponpon

He was so attracted to the colors, he even tasted them 🙂

Happy Easter to all المسيح قام حقاً قام

Wish you all happy holidays and lots of new beginnings and blessings and of course children. They make you look at the celebrations from a new perspective and give Easter a boost of joy.

Frogs- Easter eggs|marmite et ponpon

Frogs  -Easter eggs|marmite et ponpon

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