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Handy conversions and equivalents for easier cooking

measuring-cups marmite et ponpon


We have all been there, amazing recipes that needs to be converted with no doubts. Finally i got time to creates these super handy charts. I am sure many of you (like i did after writing them) will print this. This way you can keep it in the kitchen at your fingertips.

No more confusions and with the oven temperature chart, no more reason for burning stuff 😛

Volume for dry ingredients:













Volume for liquids:












Oven temperature:









  • Teaspoon: tsp
  • Tablespoon: tbsp
  • Cup: c
  • Pint: pt
  • Quart: qt
  • Gallon: gal
  • Milliliter: ml
  • Liter: l
  • Ounce: fl. oz.
  • Pound: lb
  • Fahrenheit: F
  • Celsius: C

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