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Superheroes Easter eggs – DIY

easter eggs superheroes|marmite et ponpon

We’ve been talking about the superheroes eggs since last week, non stop! Nady can’t wait to decorate them. The excitement is invading his heart, so thrilled and happy,  he is up today at 6:00 am and ready to start coloring the eggs.

We can’t be late to start, he is jumping up and down uncontrollably, it’s one of the Easters i will never forget! The house is full of children joy, we are blessed!

We started to color the hard boiled eggs with red, blue, yellow, purple and we left some white. After they are dry and ready to work with, we cut out the shapes we want to stick on each egg. Batman on yellow eggs, superman on blue, red and yellow, hulk on green and purple, captain america on white and blue and finally spiderman on red.

Nady is enjoying so much coloring,cutting and pasting. I was proudly watching him doing things by himself and asking me not to interfere because he is a big boy now. Can’t express my feelings, i am overwhelmed!

Click on superheroes file to download a high resolution version to use.

superheroes Easter eggs| marmite et ponpon

Can you imagine how happy Nady is? I am even more happy to see him that over excited. Give your children this pleasure if they are fan of superheroes, and don’t hesitate to decorate your Easter eggs if you didn’t start yet.

superheroes Easter eggs | marmite et ponpon

superheroes Easter eggs marmite et ponpon

Now we are totally living in superheroes world at home.

Happy Easter to all المسيح قام حقاً قام

I wish you all happy holidays with your loved ones and lots of new beginnings and blessings.

superheroes Easter eggs| marmite & ponpon

superheroes Easter eggs | marmite & ponpon

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