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Advent calendar – Santa claus beard


Welcome to that time of the year that works magic on my serotonin! They say in each one of us there is a hidden child… mine really likes to have an appearance around Christmas time.

…Everything gets dressed in festive look; windows at the shops are more joyful, same food and desserts taste better, red and green are not just ordinary colors anymore and all eyes are on that enchanting sky hoping to see the red nose between the stars…

It’s the time when we all pause and reconsider our values, belief and attitude.

It’s the perfect quality and happiest time with the family, especially for those living abroad, but unfortunately this year we can’t make it back home for the reunion… It’s sad we are not sharing this Christmas with the family, but thinking positively, Santa got me an early gift this year, I have a new friend. And this is what Christmas is all about; something new and precious is born…

Today is the first day of the festive month and i am aaaaaaall ready for Christmas, this buzzword “Christmas” you will be reading zillion times in my posts during December until we reach the D day. So let’s start the countdown folks!


This year i have to prepare 2 advent calendars, one for Nady and one for Joud! They are both about Santa’s beard; one is trimming it while counting down to reach Christmas and the other about growing it, since Joud is only 16 months and can’t use scissors, sticking cotton balls on the beard was a good and fun idea for his age.



If you are wondering about the fun part, the daily sweet or toy, Nady will find it written behind each strip he will cut and Joud will collect it from the christmas tree 🙂

If your kid’s age let you take the advent calendar to the next level, don’t just offer sweets or toys, you can teach them the real meaning of Christmas by putting words of values (such as faith, forgiveness….) instead or along with the daily surprise.

Click here to download the trimming option and click here for the growing one.



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Christmas tree advent calendar – DIY

christmas tree advent calendar

Here comes Christmas! The most beautiful and meaningful annual festival when happiness is a small word to what I actually feel. This Christmas comes with double joy, my family doubled in size; Nady and Joud my Christmas star.

It’s not early to set up the festive mood especially when it comes to Christmas decoration. Advent calendar should be ready by 1st of December, so if you are willing to DIY as we did, better for you to go ahead.

Last year we had a reindeer advent calendar, this year we created a beautiful cute forest of Christmas trees to start the countdown to the big day. A fun and simple craft to lay the foundation of a very exciting season. What’s better than the Christmas day is the anticipation to it.

christmas tree advent calendar

First you need to prepare 24 green cones, made with 200gsm cartons. You can use different shades of green to give it a realistic look.

christmas tree advent calendar

After all is done, i gave them to Nady to unleash his creativity. Give your kids their favorites materials and watch them being creative; pompoms, paint, washi tape, stickers….

christmas tree advent calendarchristmas tree advent calendarFor display, lay them on a white surface or use cotton to create snow. The sky is the limit, use any material for the mood you want to settle.

christmas tree advent calendar

Now the fun part of this advent calendar is what lays underneath 🙂 Oh yes, sweets and toys. Who doesn’t love a daily surprise gift while counting down?!

If your kid’s age let you take the advent calendar to the next level, don’t just hide sweets or toys under the cones, put words like love, hope, faith….to teach them the real meaning of Christmas.

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Reindeer advent calendar DIY

reindeer advent calendar

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen, the flying reindeers leading Santa Claus sleigh will surprise you with a treat everyday 🙂

I know it’s not the time to start the countdown, but if you are willing to do your Advent Calendar by yourself as we did, you will need to prepare for it. Anyways it’s in three days.

So easy and fun to do. A great way to introduce Christmas to your toddler and live the fun of the season everyday. You will need:

  • 25 beige paper (200gsm) not too thick. you decide on the size depending how big you want to make the cone head
  • brown felt to do the antlers, i used approx. quarter meter. If you can’t find felt, use any thick paper to let the antlers stand.
  • 25 red pompoms for the nose
  • 50 wiggling eyes
  • red thread
  • 25 clothspin
  • numbers from 1-24
  • UHU liquid glue, and UHU patafix to fix the clothspins on the wall

how to do reindeerreindeer antlersAs the step by step above picture shows, create a cone very similar to the popcorn one. stick the eyes and nose, better say let your child enjoy sticking them in the right place! Cut the antlers and stick them (i used the UHU liquid glue), make two holes on both sides to insert the red thread. The last thing to do, stick the numbers on the clothspin and attach it to the thread.

advent calendar for christmasAttach them on the wall in tree shape from 1 to 24. I used UHU patafix to not spoil the paint. You can hang them on a wire (thread) next to each other if your plan is not to fix them on the wall.

Let the countdown begin!

advent calendar with nadyadvent calendar reindeeradvent calendar with candiesI kept the last 2 rows empty, Nady has always his new games and rules, he was enjoying hiding his small toys. Anyways we won’t be here to use them, didn’t i mention we are going home to celebrate Christmas with our family??! Yes, we are and can’t wait!

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