How to prank a 3 years old kid for april fool

april fool |marmite et ponpon

kids love to laugh and have fun, they have an innate sense of humor and can differentiate what’s fun and what’s not. Some kids show interest for jokes telling even at early age.

Whether you are teaching your kids or encouraging their sense of humor, April fool is a good lesson to find the funny side of a dramatic situation, keeping in your mind the age of your child.

To give them an unforgettable April fool, keep it fun and add the surprise element. if they are too small (like my kid) don’t forget to treat them afterwards.

Nady is obsessed with kinder eggs surprise, he has a daily ritual, opening at least one egg to discover what’s inside. I decided to fool him with empty eggs surprise. I opened the side where there is usually the toy, took it out and glue it again. Then i joined the two parts as if they are intact.

I offered to him the pack of three. Here we go, watch these facial expressions!

nady's april fool |marmite et ponponapril fool | marmite et ponpon

nady's april fool | marmite et ponpon

nady april fool | marmite et ponpon

And this one is just priceless!!!

april fool for nady |marmite et ponpon

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