Fingerprint art project – Surpriiiiise!!

fingerprint art project

Nady loves the crafty projects especially the ones that involves art and colors. This fun activity takes art to another level. We created an abstract art piece that reveals a surprise at the end.

I started by taping off Nady’s first initial onto a piece of paper. I gave him a palette full of paint and asked him to fill all the paper with fingerprints, dots created by his index to practice finger isolation.

fingerprint art project

Finger isolation is a fine motor activity using one finger to perform a task that will reveal its magic later in writing, tying the shoes, typing on a keyboard and many other skills….

We spent fun time covering all the white spaces on the paper experiencing various colors, mixing and learning difference between dark and light colors.

fingerprint art projectfingerprint art project

When he was done I pulled off the tape to show him what he had created. He was so happy and fascinated. Process of discovering many types of art medium and the surprise element is so magnetic for kids.

fingerprint art projectfingerprint art project

Not only was it a fun craft to make, but it was also a great way to teach:

  • finger isolation (fine motor)
  • finger’s name (using the index)
  • colors
  • shapes (round and dot)
  • the letter “N”, his name’s initial
  • And counting

Nady liked it so much, he decided that this piece of art is going to be added to his wall of art.

fingerprint art project

fingerprint art project

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2 responses to “Fingerprint art project – Surpriiiiise!!

  1. I just found your blog and have to say I love this idea! My son loves finger painting so I think we’ll definitely be trying this soon! So simple, but makes such a beautiful piece of art that the little ones can treasure forever. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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