Moving water experiment and color mixing – My Little Scientist

mixing colors experimentMy precious Nady is experiencing many changes in his life. He has been promoted to big brother and started his first year of school. I believe it’s a lot of changes for a kid of two years and eight months, and for me as well honestly!

I’ve done all i should do to prepare him for his new sibling, and once arrived i did my best to split my care and attention to both equally.

Being home the afternoon with both of them and without any help is the big challenge. I have to take care of the newborn Joud and entertain the older Nady after school. It’s not new for us to enjoy our time together; we play, cook and craft… But nowadays he seems more demanding and seeking for more attention to make sure that maman is still all his!

I had to make our playtime more interesting and captivating. We are experimenting! It’s science time with Nady, for him it’s more of magic 🙂

A fun science experiment and in the same time a good lesson of color mixing. This experiment is very interesting since he can see the two different colors going along the tissue paper to form a new color.

mixing colors experimentYou need 3 jars (containers) i used empty jam jar, water, food coloring and paper towel.

Choose the colors you want to mix. We did blue and yellow (to get green) and  then we did red and yellow (to get orange).

Fill a jar with each color you chose (with the help of your kid certainly) and place the empty one in the middle. Fold a paper towel lengthwise. Soak one end of the paper towel into the first color jar and the second end in the empty jar. Same thing goes with the other color jar. Now let your kid watch the colored water moving through the paper towel to reach the empty jar (thanks to capillary action). The middle jar fills up with both colors to form a third one.

Blue +yellow = green! yayyy

mixing colors experimentActually we were both enjoying this science experiment! I love his reactions, i love his face 🙂 Now lets try another color:

Red + yellow = orange

mixing colors experimentmixing colors experimentAfter we were done, there was no way for him but to introduce his cars to the experiment. He decided to soak in his small cars to the next day to see what will happen!

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