Fortune cookies favors for newborn – DIY


Make your fortune cookies say what you like or wish! A cute and memorable favor to welcome your little one.

Feel like the luckiest mom on earth with these really cute and easy fortune cookies. The best thing is there is No baking required!

fortune cookies

These non edible cookies are made with a colored salt dough. To prepare it you need;

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 cup water
  • coloring gel of your choice

fortune cookies

Mix all ingredients and knead well. Roll the dough and cut out circles, this quantity yields 12-15 circles (depending on how big you want it).

Place your customized message in each circle before folding to half. Pinch the middle of the cookie with a knife to twist it.

fortune cookies

You can make many batches to get all the colors you want. Leave them to air dry before offering to people.

And here are my cookies full of wishes and good fortunes for my new little Joud.

fortune cookiesfortune cookiesIt was a great way to share with the family and friends our happiness and fortune to have our bundle of joy among us.

I am sure these favors will be memorable, as a surprise factor and non usual favor. Don’t hesitate to try it, write whatever you like to say and jazz up your happy event.



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4 responses to “Fortune cookies favors for newborn – DIY

  1. What a lovely and fun idea! You never cesse to surprise me.


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