DIY – Baby aviator Palm sunday candle

IMG_4599Sometimes when you have a baby (who is not able to hold his candle on his own), you found yourself hesitating whether you get him a decorated candle or no. Personally i do encourage having one, if you choose a smaller size candle with convenient decorations. When your baby is 3 months+  it’s possible he can keep a firm hold of it, with your help. I did it but without lighting the candle, he really enjoyed it!

If you are willing to do one, follow the step by step tutorial for a baby aviator Palm Sunday candle:

how to do plane palm sunday candle

  • Wrap a blue ribbon around the candle you choose. I used a baby blue one
  • Stick a cut out cloud (foam) on the ribbon
  • Make a bow of the same blue ribbon and stick it on the cloud
  • Metal, wood or even paper plane look beautiful on the cloud, direction up as if flying

It’s a very easy craft, It doesn’t require too much skills and the outcome is amazing. When you DIY something for your kids, it holds lots of love and memories and It means a lot to your kids as well, they will remember it for a long time!

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