Napkin folding christmas tree

christmas tree napkin foldChristmas eve dinner with the family is one of the traditions! Since we got married we managed (so far) to celebrate Christmas eve with both families together back home. This is what i call joy comes in a bundle!

Dressing the table for the occasion is so fun. Everything is fun about Christmas, i know i am saying this in each post, but what to do, dear Christmas i love you so much!

Origami, this art of folding, always allured me ! I love how you can transform a flat sheet into a 3D shape, any shape!! Here is a step by step tutorial to know how to fold a napkin into Christmas tree shape.

how to do-christmas napkin fold

You can leave it like this:

napkin fold as christmas treeOr you can add an ornament on top, could be a star, bell or Santa hat like i did!

christmas tree napkin.fold

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13 responses to “Napkin folding christmas tree

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  6. I like every single post that you do, and you know it dear Jaymitta 😀


  7. That’s so cool! I love napkin folding 😀


  8. Haha Think big, aim high 😛

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  9. Thank you Marmite et Ponpon :), its a great idea for Christmas Eve !!

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    • we will be looking forward for the creative stuff, this christmas! the expectations from marmite et ponpon are really high 🙂 after all the super nice ideas that we are seeing 🙂 :)!!

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