DIY food art – kids under the sea breakfast

kids under the sea breakfast

Food art is so fascinating for kids as for adults. I will never mind to get such plate as breakfast in bed. I find it amusing too 🙂

Anyone can make this cute breakfast (could be a snack as well). Very simple and easy. You will need:

  • thin slices of cucumber cut lengthwise for the stems
  • 2 carrots slices to make the fish
  • handful cereal breakfast for the sea
  • small raisins for the water bubbles
  • one big raisin cut in 4 for the turtle hands and legs
  • one medium raisin for the turtle head
  • one kiwi slice for the turtle body
  • edible paint for the turtle and fish eyes (optional)

kids under the sea breakfast

It’s great to get your kid eat healthy food and have fun in the same time. When nady saw the plate he started waving his hands like a fish and singing. The turtle really grabbed his attention too! Amazed by his beautiful breakfast, he was hesitating whether to contemplate, play or start digging in!

kids under the sea breakfast

kids under the sea breakfast

Well he decided to polish off his delicious under the sea breakfast!

kids under the sea breakfast

Never mind if your kid didn’t like the taste of kiwi, It’s one of my many attempts to offer this fruit to him but he doesn’t like it so far! But i will keep on trying…

Try these edible cool arts for your kids and give them a reason to always be happy and enjoy food.

kids under the sea breakfast

Whatever you are doing, always add fun to you and your loved ones life! Happy day to all and lots of love and smiles x

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