homemade fresh strawberry popsicles – popsicoholic part 1

strawberry popsicles

Cool off doha heat! A healthy refreshing homemade dessert! Suitable for kids! 100% natural! Low in calories!…. and i can keep listing many other reasons… Just to say there’s always an excuse to have a popsicle in my mind, am a big fan of popsicles!

Doha summer is already here and the temperature is getting higher and higher to the 40°C and above. Nothing will refresh you like a fruity popsicle.

I would like to share with you my recipes for fresh fruits popsicles and give a piece of my happiness to popsicoholic people like me 🙂

Popsicoholic part1: strawberry flavor

homemade fresh strawberry popsicles

For these delicious popsicles you need to:

  • In a food processor puree one cup of fresh strawberries with 1 tbsp of sugar.
  • whisk 1 cup of yogurt and 2 tbsp of sugar

Pour in a mold, alternating between the strawberry puree and the yogurt, make about 3-4 layers. With a skewer or thin-bladed knife, swirl mixtures together in an up-and-down motion. Insert ice-pop sticks and freeze until solid.

homemade fresh strawberry popsicles

You should get 5 to 6 popsicles depending on your mold size. You can freeze up to one week, (but i doubt if they will last more than couple of hours).

To remove the popsicles from the molds, run under warm water until they are easily released. Enjoy!

homemade fresh strawberry popsicles



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